20 chapters deep on “Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble,” the sequel to “Streaks of Blue”

sourceoftroubleI’ve written 20 chapters so far and I think there will be at least 40 this time around, so it will be longer than “Streaks of Blue.” There are multiple points of view, though Nicole gets the first 13 chapters all to herself in Part 1. Part 2 has featured four different male characters’ points of view: Adam Upton, Roger Janicek (Nicole’s dad) and two new characters, William Osborne and Steve Pearson. Then it switches back to Nikki for 18 through 20.
It’s been interesting to fill in some of the blanks from the first book while at the same time sending Nikki on a whole new story arc. I still have many miles to go on it, but my goal at this point is to publish it by spring 2016.
Here is a chapter title listing so far:
1. Rainbows and Unicorns, Part 1
2. Enterprise Story
3. Weirdos Make the World Go Round
4. Hot Tip
5. Silver Sands
6. Busted in Bridgeport
7. 25 Grand
8. Money Trail
9. Coffee in the Lobby
10. The Other Kind of Auditing
11. Rainbows and Unicorns, Part 2
12. Your Enemy’s Enemy
13. As Long As We’re Both Being Honest
14. Climbing the Lion
15. Captain Rookie
16. Howl at the Moon
17. Nikki Blue
18. Earth Wing
19. Mars Wing
20. “I Crashed My Car Into The Bridge … I Love It”

In the early stages of a possible sequel to “Streaks of Blue”

sourceoftroubleI’ve begun crafting the first few chapters of a possible sequel to “Streaks of Blue.” So far this one is being told in the first person by Nicole Janicek, the MC of “Streaks of Blue.” It is set in 2018, nearly four years after she survived being shot by Thomas “Lee” Harvey. Nikki is 21 now and an aspiring journalist. She is just beginning her summer internship at a certain newspaper in Waterbury, Connecticut. Her very first assignment is to cover a seemingly routine church groundbreaking, but the group putting up the building is not exactly a church — more like one tentacle of a new, shadowy organization called The Bridge, whose membership includes some who were labeled Potential Trouble Sources by the late author/madman L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology. This one could get a little crazy. Speaking of crazy, the first chapter features an online conversation between Nikki and Thomas “Lee” Harvey, who is serving up to 25 years at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men.

A couple of possible titles for this one include “Source of Trouble” and “Scar Trek.”

We’ll see where it takes us …

Pictured above is one of Damon Za’s alternate covers for “Streaks of Blue.” Who knows. It might work for “Source of Trouble.” I don’t think it would work for “Scar Trek.”

A little love from Texas …

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Wicked cool review of “Streaks of Blue” by Whitney Martin of Abilene, Texas, today on Goodreads, Amazon and her blog http://shootingstarsreviews.blogspot.com/2014/02/streaks-of-blue-by-jack-chaucer.html She’s also the first reader so far who wanted to see the main characters hook up.

“This story is different from any story I’ve ever read. I loved Nikki. She was an awesome character, and I really respected her bravery in this book. I also really liked Adam even though he was pretty messed up. I felt like these two started an awesome friendship. And this book really does show how hard it is to be a teenager, and lot of the really hard things in life no one wants to see. I loved how the author portrayed everything in the book. The only thing that I wish would have happened is Nikki and Adam would have become more than friends. But alas that didn’t happen but it was still a really good book! Kudos to the author for doing so well on such a hard topic!”

A New York high school librarian’s take on “Streaks of Blue” …

Shannon Mersand, a librarian at Yorktown High School in Yorktown, N.Y., just shared her reaction to “Streaks of Blue:”

“I was super skeptical of this novel, but it was absolutely amazing, with a great message about reaching out and making a difference.”StreaksOfBlue_3D

Additional Questions:

Is your library likely to purchase this title? YES
Will you recommend this title through Readers’ Advisory, book clubs, events, etc? YES

“Streaks of Blue” sells 100th copy: $158.95 raised for Newtown Memorial Fund

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Thanks to my readers for getting this indie author to 100 copies of “Streaks of Blue” sold since its release on Sept. 27th! In the process, we’ve raised $158.95 so far for Newtown families. And with the recent shootings in New Mexico, Colorado and Philadelphia, among others, this book and this topic continue to be extremely relevant.

A special shout-out to Christina Jackson of Shawneetown, Illinois, who won the Christmas giveaway contest on Goodreads. She said she adored the book and has loaned it to a friend. She said she was inspired by the novel and the fact that I once lived in Freeport, Illinois. Go Pretzels! Thanks also to the 690 other Goodreads members who have added “Streaks of Blue” to their shelves!

“Streaks of Blue” named Top Read for 2013 by two book blogs; $143.76 raised for Newtown families so far

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Big shout-out to Books Unhinged blog (especially Christine Cheff, aka Lady Balls) and the White Picket Fence Blog (especially Natalie Limardo Wilburn) for selecting my book “Streaks of Blue” as their favorite reads of 2013.

I’ve now sold 86 copies of “Streaks of Blue,” which means my readers have helped raise $143.76 for Newtown families, $127.16 of which I already donated to the Newtown Memorial Fund on 12-14-13. My next donation will be made on the second anniversary of the shooting.

Here are the links for the blogs who honored “Streaks of Blue,” which is very much appreciated by this indie author.