Four 5-star reviews already!

Big shout-out to my Smashwords readers! “Queens are Wild” has been out only a little over a week and it’s already getting fantastic feedback: four 5-star reviews! Thank you!!!!

Jack Chaucer

“Queens are Wild” is now available on Smashwords!

The new poli-sci-fi thriller by Jack Chaucer is now available at Smashwords exclusively (ISBN: 9781476499802). In about two weeks, it will be available at Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, among other e-book retailers. Just go to

The ancestor of chess …

In the distant past, shatranj was the ancestor of chess. In “Queens are Wild,” shatranj is the password for a time-warp chess match that will jump 17-year-old pawn Margeaux Quigley 52 years in 52 minutes — from 1984 to 2036. She will attempt to be promoted from pawn to queen to trap King Robert Ballentine. But who will checkmate whom? Jack Chaucer’s new poli-sci-fi thriller “Queens are Wild” will be e-published later this summer. More teasers to follow at