My 5 questions for John Pansini, author of ‘Night of the Living Unread’ …

1. Give us a glimpse into your own personal backstory and how it helped shape “Night of the Living Unread.” How did you dream up this particular story?

JP: I’m a political and MSNBC junkie. Most of the material in this ebook came from watching Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Hardball, and Lawrence O’Donnell. And let’s face it, Mitt gave me so much material to draw on. Too bad, though, his binders full of women came after I had already published. But I can use it in later editions. I had great fun skewering those crazy wing-nuts.

2. What do you think about the current presidential election? Who will win? (this originally was asked before the election took place)

JP: This is the day after the election, so we know who won, thank God. But I did make a prediction in the book that Mr. Obama would win. Luckily for all of us he did.

3. Which writers and books have influenced your writing? How would you describe your writing style?

JP: Hard to say. When I’m reading a well-written book, I find that it does have a positive influence my own narrative voice.  

4. Describe your experience with publishing/self-publishing so far. Any advice for those who are just completing their first novel and can’t wait to get it out there for the whole world to read?

JP: My own experience has not been good. Sales volume has been low. With my first book, three agents tried to sell it but were unsuccessful. My third book, I shopped it around to agents but none of them thought they could sell it in today’s market. So the choice was either to have two manuscripts sit in a drawer until they fossilize or e-publish. I chose the latter. As for my advice to other struggling authors: believe in yourself, never give up, and promote, promote, promote!

5. What projects are you working on/planning going forward. It looks like there will be a sequel to “Night of the Living Unread.” Any hints on where the story will go? When do you expect to put that out?

JP: Two sequels are planned for “Night of the Living Unread.” And I know exactly where they’re headed. (See my website.) As for when I will begin working on them, that all depends on how sales go for Book 1.

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