Cover artist switch …

Damon Za of Cape Town, South Africa, is now crafting the cover for “Streaks of Blue.” Ida and I both agreed it was time for a fresh set of eyes and ideas. No stone left unturned for this book cover! My wife and I honeymooned in Cape Town and beyond back in 2008, so it’s kind of fitting.

Happy first birthday to “Queens are Wild” …

I first published the e-book on July 17, 2012. I’m writing this at 11:55 p.m. on the 17th even though the time stamp says the 18th. Either way, what a wild year. Fittingly, it was nice to see the paperback edition show up in my hometown Litchfield library’s catalog for the first time today, too. It’s shelved in Adult Fiction with fun database search topics like chess, time travel and my personal favorite — political kidnapping. Ha!

In “Streaks of Blue” news, Ida and I scrapped our first cover idea. We both agreed it just didn’t work. Hopefully, we’ll get it right the second time. The story deserves the right cover. Meanwhile, my colleague Dave Krechevsky is in the process of editing the first half of the manuscript. I’m still hopeful that I’ll publish the e-book sometime in August, but September is a possibility. I want the paperback out much quicker this time, hopefully October or November.

Chaucer to appear at Summer Author Expo

Queens are Wild Front Cover Thumb

I will be featured in the Summer Author Expo at Main Street Marketplace in Torrington on Aug. 8 from 5 to 9 p.m. Stop on by the author tent. I’ve prepared a special deck of cards with fun clues from the characters and plot of “Queens are Wild.” Beat me at seven-card stud for the chance to buy the book for half price. Draw three queens and you get the book for free! See you there.

Streaks of Blue is done!

I just finished the rewritten and retooled draft last night. 52,900 words. A tad longer than I thought it would be, but just right for a YA drama. Now all it needs is some copy editing, polishing and, of course, a cover. Norway’s Ida Jansson did such a kick-ass job on “Queens are Wild” that I plan to hire her again. Plus my idea for the cover can’t be done with a photograph. The talented Erin Covey instead has volunteered to shoot my portrait. “I’m always willing to help out a fellow creative,” she says. How cool is she? I guess it’s about time I had a real author photo!

Can’t wait for the world to read it! I’ll be donating half of any proceeds from the novel to the Newtown Memorial Fund.