Happy first birthday to “Queens are Wild” …

I first published the e-book on July 17, 2012. I’m writing this at 11:55 p.m. on the 17th even though the time stamp says the 18th. Either way, what a wild year. Fittingly, it was nice to see the paperback edition show up in my hometown Litchfield library’s catalog for the first time today, too. It’s shelved in Adult Fiction with fun database search topics like chess, time travel and my personal favorite — political kidnapping. Ha!

In “Streaks of Blue” news, Ida and I scrapped our first cover idea. We both agreed it just didn’t work. Hopefully, we’ll get it right the second time. The story deserves the right cover. Meanwhile, my colleague Dave Krechevsky is in the process of editing the first half of the manuscript. I’m still hopeful that I’ll publish the e-book sometime in August, but September is a possibility. I want the paperback out much quicker this time, hopefully October or November.


2 thoughts on “Happy first birthday to “Queens are Wild” …

  1. john pansini says:

    Congrats on getting Queens in your local library collection. I used to be a librarian. That’s quite a coup.

  2. Thanks John. It took a while, but it’s finally there.

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