If you use Kobo or Barnes & Noble, you can pre-order “Streaks of Blue” e-book for $2.99 starting now …

StreaksOfBlue_ebook (1)

Here’s a link to the first pre-order page I’ve seen pop up for “Streaks of Blue.” It’s with the e-book retailer Kobo.





Update: The Barnes & Noble pre-order page is up, too! Here’s the link for that:


Apple also has a pre-order page set up for “Streaks of Blue,” but on my non-Apple computer screen it doesn’t seem active yet. Perhaps on an Apple device, the pre-order button is active. Here’s the link just in case …

You don’t get charged for a pre-order until the book comes out on Sept. 27th, but it allows orders to accumulate and hopefully gives the book a big pop right out of the gate.

Stay tuned for Amazon paperback and Kindle links coming soon.

And remember, no matter how or where you buy “Streaks of Blue,” I’ll be donating half of the proceeds to the Newtown Memorial Fund. So here’s a chance to read my best novel yet AND help a worthy cause all at the same time!


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