Hits to my author website by country for the year … pretty cool

United States 1,203
United Kingdom 34
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Philippines 14
Sweden 13
India 11
Australia 11
Norway 7
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South Africa 4
Pakistan 4
Mexico 4
Ireland 2
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Ukraine 1
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Greece 1

20 books sold in the first month … $24.92 raised so far for Newtown families


“Streaks of Blue” has been out exactly one month and has sold 20 copies so far. No royalty figures yet for the 2 iTunes copies, but the 11 Amazon paperbacks and 7 Kindle copies sold result in a total net proceeds of $49.84. That’s $24.92 raised for the Newtown Memorial Fund thus far. Thank you to all you have bought the book and I appreciate anything you can do to spread the word.

I want to give a special shout-out to old pal and avid hiker Vin Mansolillo, the inspiration for Vin’s character in the final scene on Mount Kearsarge North. He bought a copy and said he really enjoyed the book. He said he got so into the story that he sometimes forgot the person who wrote it used to be the little kid who tagged along with him and my old man on a whole bunch of hikes in the White Mountains back in the 80s. He made sure I got up Huntington Ravine and Rainbow Slabs without plummeting to my death. I also remember him giving me sugar cubes (the kind NOT laced with LSD!) for energy on the way up Mount Washington. Good times (even though I whined like a little girl before roping up and heading up the Slabs)!

“Streaks of Blue” has raised $11.27 so far for the Newtown Memorial Fund

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Here’s an update on Amazon sales since “Streaks of Blue” was published on 9-27.
Seven paperbacks have sold on Amazon so far. That is my best month since I started publishing on Amazon in May with “Queens are Wild.” My royalty is $3.22 on every paperback for net proceeds of $22.54. That means I pledge $11.27 so far to the Newtown Memorial Fund.

There is a greater lag time on e-book sales, but so far two people have told me they bought the book on Apple iTunes and two others did so on Kindle. I’ll pass along those royalty/pledge figures when they are reported to me.

As an indie author/publisher, every sale is a well-earned victory. Thank you to those who have bought “Streaks of Blue” and I plan to donate half of whatever proceeds the book has reaped on the first anniversary of the Newtown shooting, 12-14-13. For more info, visit www.newtownmemorialfund.org

Below are numerous purchase links for the book, which is now available virtually everywhere online and at Amazon for the paperback version:



Barnes & Noble:











“Streaks of Blue” feeling the love from the U.K. … “Such a touching and monumental story”

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UK book blogger Georgina Robinson’s 5-star review of “Streaks of Blue” today. Awesome!
Oh my, where do I begin. With literally seconds of finishing this book while it is still fresh in my mind I had to write my review. Such a touching and monumental story. Chaucer has really broached the subject at a cool and calm pace with added anxiety when needed. When I first picked up this book I wasn’t quite sure it was something I would enjoy, given that it was YA and picked up on a rather sore subject I thought i’d give it a chance, and oh my, aren’t I glad i did. Streaks of Blue was such a powerful tale of a young girl named Nicole Janicek who saved the lives of her fellow classmates.


Nicole “Nikki” Janicek and her best friend Candace decided to go on a hike just before their senior year starts, during their nights sleep Nikki has a dream about a girl named Star, and in the dream there was a warning from the Angels of the Newtown school shooting. Recognising the classmate she used to know when she was in elementary school she puts the pieces together from the dream, she needs to befriend him again before he commits a mass murder on her and her classmates.

Adam Upton is nothing but a delinquent, constantly getting in trouble along with his friend Thomas “Lee” Harvey, together they have a plan. To kill everyone in the school. But then Adam gets sidetracked with a girl he barely remembers who wants to be his friend. Can Nikki save herself and everyone else in time?


Chaucer’s story telling was truly intoxicating, never leaving any of us in the dark. Creating such awesome and fluid characters. No matter who you are there was someone you are able to relate to. Nicole was a great main character, she truly felt that the everyone should be treated equal. She really was the hero in my eyes, she stood up for what she believed even if it did get her into trouble.

Adam was an interesting character, I immediately fell in love with him. He was the notorious bad boy. When I was first introduced to him it was very clear their was some issues with him and his household. He was labelled at school and had no friends because of where he lived, this was his weakness. Then we are introduced to his friend Thomas “Lee” Harvey, cleverly named himself after the sniper Lee Harvey Oswald who killed John F. Kennedy. With not being given any background information on him we are less attached to his character making me instantly dislike him.

The story was a truly great one, the pace was quick but i never felt too rushed. The story was original and creative, what I also liked that there was no real romance, *shock horror* I liked a book without an intense romance plot. It was rather refreshing, Nikki just stuck to her original plan to make friends with Adam even though a few times I thought there could’ve been a love plot but I knew deep down it would have ruin the story.

What was truly amazing was the dedication, the US has managed to see some terrible gun crimes including school shoots outs, most of us will remember the Columbine school shooting and of course just last year the Newtown shooting in which this story is dedicated too. Even more amazing the author is sharing half the proceeds of this book to the Newtown Memorial Fund. 







The cover is beautiful, it really captured Nikki and who she is. The cover photo has a porcelain effect making her look rather angelic.

Win an autographed copy of “Streaks of Blue” on Goodreads …

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Two autographed paperbacks of my new YA drama “Streaks of Blue” are now up for grabs in a month-long giveaway on Goodreads. Win and one of them ends up at your door. 30 people have already entered. Details at the link below. And remember, you can’t win if you don’t play.

Awesome how this California high school staffer fought through the dark subject matter and loved my book!

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“It was rough, because I am not sure I was ready to read a book that references Sandy Hook yet … but he pulled it off. Amazing, heart wrenching and hard to put down without finishing!”

— from a review of “Streaks of Blue” by Amy Vandagriff, one of the first high school staffers to read the book.