20 books sold in the first month … $24.92 raised so far for Newtown families


“Streaks of Blue” has been out exactly one month and has sold 20 copies so far. No royalty figures yet for the 2 iTunes copies, but the 11 Amazon paperbacks and 7 Kindle copies sold result in a total net proceeds of $49.84. That’s $24.92 raised for the Newtown Memorial Fund thus far. Thank you to all you have bought the book and I appreciate anything you can do to spread the word.

I want to give a special shout-out to old pal and avid hiker Vin Mansolillo, the inspiration for Vin’s character in the final scene on Mount Kearsarge North. He bought a copy and said he really enjoyed the book. He said he got so into the story that he sometimes forgot the person who wrote it used to be the little kid who tagged along with him and my old man on a whole bunch of hikes in the White Mountains back in the 80s. He made sure I got up Huntington Ravine and Rainbow Slabs without plummeting to my death. I also remember him giving me sugar cubes (the kind NOT laced with LSD!) for energy on the way up Mount Washington. Good times (even though I whined like a little girl before roping up and heading up the Slabs)!


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