Nikki and Candace … from the chapter “Adam Bomb”

NikkiBlueNikki’s POV

Candace: “What’s wrong?”

Nikki: “What’s wrong is I wish you were in my life every day like you used to be. You always … well, usually, had my back.”

Candace: “That’s fair. You pushed my limits and then some, but I tried. I mean … hanging out with Adam? Hiking in the woods with a kid like that? I hope you didn’t actually climb that mountain with him alone over the summer when I couldn’t make it.”

I bit my lip.

Candace: “You did? What are you thinking, Nikki? And you talked to Thomas on Skype? What the fuck? Do you get off on spending quality time with psychopaths?”

Nikki: “You’ve hiked with Adam more than once. He’s not that bad. He’s turned his life around somewhat.”

Candace: “I think it’s amazing how you reached out to that kid and helped him … and saved all of us in the process. But there’s a pretty big line there that he crossed when he even considered doing what he planned to do. I look back on all that and I must’ve been crazy to go hiking with him after that. I only did it to be there for you. But at some point, you’ve got to be smarter than that, Nikki. Stop putting yourself into dangerous situations. You can’t save the world. No one can.”

Nikki: “Yeah, I know. I’m not as naive as I used to be. Believe me.”

From “Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble”
Pub date: 10-9-15
ARC date: Available now on NetGalley


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