Excerpt from the chapter “Nikki Beach”

NikkiBlueWilliam’s POV

Nikki had asked for a dark room, just like the ladies room in Earth Wing where we first collided. She could pretend I wasn’t 38. I could pretend she wasn’t 21. And we could just go at it like a man and woman should — without a second thought.

Instead, I took her to a neon outdoor nightclub throbbing with hipsters, tourists and supermodels; swinging with hammocks and white cabana beds cradling some of the hottest asses from all over the world; sparkling with Christmas lights, tiki torches and a floor of white Miami Beach sand that eventually led away from it all down to the moonlit surf of the Atlantic Ocean.

Why this place? Because it’s actually called Nikki Beach. I did not make that up. Some other brilliant person did. And I thank him or her very much because Nikki Blue was very impressed …

From “Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble”
Pub date: 10-9-15
ARC date: Available now on NetGalley


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