Nikki and Roy from the chapter “Felicia”

NikkiBlueNikki’s POV

There was zero chance of me getting to Bill undetected, even in the dark. The cab had to drop me off more than a mile southwest of his condo complex because the cops had blocked all traffic from getting near the beach.

Tropical storm force winds knocked me all over the sidewalks, even with my backpack weighing me down. Driving, horizontal rain soaked me to the bones, and after my wig blew off for the third time, I didn’t even turn back to get it.

I found Roy waiting for me at the entrance to Bill’s complex. As big as he was, even he seemed buffeted by the winds as he towered over me.

“You jumped,” he said, no trace of a smile.

“Damn right I did. You should, too. The Bridge is …”

He was already on the phone.

“You’re ratting me out?”

He ignored me and tears filled my eyes.

“She’s right in front of me,” Roy said into his phone. “Just arrived at Bill’s place ten seconds ago … that’s crazy, we’ll all die. The winds are too motherfuckin’ strong already for a damn chopper … I’ve got the camera with me anyway … so then we’ll all die here. What’s the motherfuckin’ difference? … You people are motherfuckin’ crazy if you think I’m getting my ass on a chopper right now … I am doing my job … She ain’t getting away from me. I’ll anchor her down and make her do a report in 100-mile-hour winds.”

Roy shook his massive head as he listened to … David? … Virgil? … one of those assholes. I didn’t care about them anymore. Instead I looked up toward Bill’s balcony, wondering how much longer it would be before Felicia tore it apart and washed it away.

“Send it then. I don’t care,” Roy said. “It’s on yo ass if the pilot crashes and dies.”

Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble
Pub date: 10-9-15
ARC date: Available now on NetGalley


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