Nikki and William talk books in “Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble”

Nikki’s POV

William: “Virgil told me you’re working on a book.”

Nikki: “Did he?”

William: “Yes. What about?”

Nikki: “Well, it’s kind of based on what I’ve gone through over the last few years or so.”

William: “Boy troubles?”

Nikki: “You could say that, but on a number of different levels.”

William: “Got a title yet?”

Nikki: “I didn’t really have one, but this latest chapter in my life has certainly given me an idea.”

William: “Which is?”

Nikki: “I think I might call it ‘Scar Trek.'”

Bill laughed.

“I love it,” he said. “Very appropriate.”

If he only knew my scars, from a bullet wound to daddy issues to commitment phobia. I surmised Bill had plenty of emotional baggage, too, after two failed marriages.

“Which book of mine did you like?” he asked.

“‘Pinch-hitting for Dad,'” I replied without hesitation.

“Really? One of my early ones.”

“I loved every word of it.”

“Wow. Thanks. … Why?”

“I just loved how the girl’s uncle stepped in after her dad died and was an even better dad than her actual dad,” I said, trying not to get emotional just talking about it. “I guess I wished I had an uncle or dad like that. I read it in like eighth or ninth grade, not long after my dad cheated on my mom and left us. I read that book like five times … at least.”

Bill seemed genuinely blown away by what I’d said.

“Thanks. I needed to hear that,” he said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve heard someone tell me something like that about one of my books.”


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