Wicked cool 4.5 star review today by book blogger Christine Cheff, aka Lady Balls …

Adobe Photoshop PDFWow. That is all I have to say. As many of you know I absolutely loved and I mean loved the first book, Streaks of Blue and could not wait to see what the author had coming out next and I was not disappointed. I will say first and foremost that when I started reading this book and I saw it mention Scientology, I thought “hmmmm…not sure if I will like this” and was apprehensive. However, I am so glad I stuck it out and continued to read.

This book starts off with Nikki who is now 21 out in the real world looking for a job. She does get one at a local newspaper as an intern and is shortly thereafter propositioned by a company called “The Bridge”. They make her a monetary offer that she can not refuse and takes the job not really knowing what exactly the company does nor what her exact job will be. At this point in the book I was scratching my head wondering how this heroine that I loved in the first book could be this blind and naive? I mean I could see or rather read from a mile away that this was a shady deal and she was missing the big picture that would come back to haunt her.

Needless to say this book takes you on a very interesting journey. While it does make mention of Scientology, this new group is made up of people who left Scientology, which I am not sure is better or worse. Through the course of her employment Nikki starts to finally see the bigger picture and that she is being used as a pawn, only now its just not her. This clever group has intertwined her past and her present together and all are in danger. I dont want to give away to much of the plot but old characters are still around and you get to see what they are up to and how they get mixed up in this nightmare with Nikki. I found myself at times holding my breath and reading as fast as I could to see what happened and unexpectedly and totally caught off guard, the book ends in a cliffy!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! Which may I add I was sweating at the end of!! I was so engrossed in the book I never realized it was almost to the end! I am praying to the literary gods that the author is feverishly working on the next installment.

Definitely recommend this book but recommend you read the first one as well!


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