Book blurbs are always a challenge because you’re trying to condense so much action and emotion into just a few riveting sentences. Here’s my second crack at REVENGE TO THE TENNTH POWER, which will be out on NetGalley in June and published on August Tennth of this year …

Tenn believes all men are evil after a childhood of betrayal, imprisonment and abuse. When the discarded daughter of a dead queen reveals her pain and anger in a powerful and treasonous song, low-born upstart Antero is drawn to help her despite the danger. Can Antero change her mind about men and win her heart as he and a group of allies help Tenn take back what is hers? Can Tenn learn to harness her growing powers over fire, blood and a shape-shifting beast to deliver justice to those who have wronged her? Ruthless King Ryzthar and mysterious 14,000-foot Mount Mammyth stand in their way.

Coming 8-Tenn-18!!!


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