Space geeks and steam punks flock to Norwich on Saturday!

Dress rehearsal for my Jack Chaucer author/space geek appearance at Book Fiend Readers Festival at Norwich Arts Center tomorrow, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. I’m on a really cool sci-fi panel at 11:15 and I’m reading from my new novel MARS COLONY AGATHA at 2:15. I’ll be selling/signing 6 of my paperback titles! Great deals! People in costumes! Come join the party and after party! (Photo credit: My son Lars, 8)


T-minus 3-2-1 … BOOK LAUNCH LIFTOFF TODAY! On the heels of the first two-women spacewalk, Nikki Janicek and her crew blast off for Mars today in Elon Musk’s Starship in my new novel, MARS COLONY AGATHA: NIKKI RED!

CHECK OUT THESE AWESOME REVIEWS FOR MARS COLONY AGATHA: NIKKI RED by Jack Chaucer, which is now available on Amazon paperback ($13.99), Kindle ($2.99) and other major online retailers. That purchase link is at the bottom of this post:

“A futuristic, but a very realistic journey that I think one nowadays can identify with having just heard about the spacewalks that took place at the space station. This novel is very well written and fast paced, taking the reader on an exceptionally exciting journey outside this world and to new beginnings. Highly recommended!”

— 5-star review by Stephanie Haddad on Amazon and Goodreads

“The first half made me cry and the second half made me smile like a fool. The experience of being on Mars was different this time (and I felt it realer than Damien Chazelle’s “First Man” lol). I loved the crew and their interactions. I liked the simple but powerful plot and all of the characters.”

— 4-star review by Lucy Rojas of Venezuela on Goodreads

“What a comfortable, believable, satisfying read this book was. Intelligent science fiction, yet not confusing or overwhelming, simply enjoyable. May be read as a standalone easily, but I would recommend reading the previous novels for maximum enjoyment. I know I’m going to. The author skillfully pulls you on deck with the crew. The other characters in the story are lively, Interesting and easy to care about. I hope Mr. Chaucer writes more in this series because he’s so good with this universe. In this book, the story flowed and didn’t feel forced. His characters were alive and unique; he allowed them simply to be, naturally, not forcing them to fit in a mold. I will be reading anything that has Jack Chaucer’s name on it from now on.”

— 5-star review by Terry Price of Claremore, Oklahoma, on Amazon and Goodreads

“Nikki is a fierce, feminist role model, who in previous books saved her high school classmates from a school shooting and survived nearly freezing to death in Antarctica. Mr. Chaucer writes a very well researched space travel book with realistic dialogue. It is so well written that at times it is hard to remember that it is a work of fiction.”

— 4-star review by Susan Alpert of Vermont on Amazon and Goodreads

“I adored the story! Mars Colony Agatha, although belonging to a series, can be read alone and easily. The story started with a screw-up that could have gone really bad, but instead gave Nikki an adventure of a lifetime. I loved the characters and going to Mars with them, “meeting” Elon Musk (I wish) and his connection to the team, and supporting the group in wanting to strike the stupid media with their “And then there were none.” It was a enjoyable read, with comic relief in the right measure, and while I don’t read much sci-fi spacey novels, I loved this one.”

— 5-star review by Lia Oliveira of Mauritius, on Goodreads and NetGalley

“I had such a hard time gathering my thoughts about this final installment of this series because I knew it was the final book. I have been a huge, huge fan of this series since the first book and each one has gotten better and better. I believe I have stated before that I had thought this series was going in one direction after the first one and the storyline of a school shooting scenario, but it turned into so, so much more. It has been such a roller coaster watching Nikki overcome all that she has been through, it has been a highly emotional journey. Each book, I went from tears to laughing to fear to joy. From the school shooting plot to The Bridge fiasco, her training (which was brutal) to her failed takeoff to now her wildest dream coming true. All the characters along the way have added to her journey and each one was so pivotal in who she has become. While some were left back in earlier books, new ones only added to her journey. In this final book, Nikki is one takeoff away from her dream — landing on Mars. However, her takeoff does not go as planned and she finds herself back on Earth. Until she gets the most unbelievable phone call from, THE Elon Musk. Musk wants her to join his crew in putting her on Mars. Naturally, Nikki wastes no time in accepting and she is on her way. Her crew and her bond immediately and seamlessly and I loved watching them all turn into a family. Their trip from preparation to takeoff to landing and the heartache that follows had me at the edge of my seat. I needed Nikki to prevail. I needed to see her her dream come to fruition. I was not ready for yet another setback or disappointment!! So much happens from takeoff to the end of the book and all I will say is my tears flowed freely and frequently. I smiled until my face hurt and my heart was happy for Nikki. Getting to Mars was her dream of dreams, and getting there she endured more then one person can take, but she stood her ground and pushed on with her head held high. She matured in so many ways and became someone she could be proud of. Her life had purpose and she left no stone unturned. She made some enemies along the way and turned friends into family (including some enemies). She may have left behind Earth but found a whole new world on Mars. It was entrancing to see how life on Mars progressed over time and even more interesting seeing characters from past books popping back up … on Mars!!! The drama!!! I could not have been more attached to this series and I am quite fond of the author. I thank you Jack for this amazing series and taking me along on Nikki’s journey. It was an “out of this world” experience!!! LOL. … I am so very sad to see this amazing story end, but I will say that it couldn’t have ended any better then it did! Ciao Nikki!!!”

— 5-star review by Christine Cheff of Totowa, New Jersey, on Amazon and Goodreads

“It’s been a wonderful ride watching Nikki overcome all that she has been through and keep on moving forward. Each book has had me in tears, laughing until my ribs hurt, truly fearful for the characters whom I had gotten attached to. I admit I sobbed as I read parts of this book. I got attached to the characters, and there were tears of sadness and joy. I could not have been more attached to a series or characters and I am now a lifelong fan of the author. I thank Jack Chaucer for this amazing series and taking me along on Nikki’s journey. I thank him for giving me the motivation to chase my own dreams from step one to my final takeoff. It was a journey I will forever love. I am sad to see this amazing story end, but I will say that it couldn’t have ended any better then it did. I don’t think anyone could have done it better.”

— 5-star review by Christina Jackson of Shawneetown, Illinois, on Goodreads

“I thought this was a really good adventure book. The storyline was interesting and not too predictable, and the base personalities of the characters were easy to relate to. Of course, most of us can’t claim to have survived a failed attempt to Mars, but Nikki had a positive mindset and didn’t let this stop her from achieving her biggest dream. Overall, I recommend this book, even as a stand-alone!”

— 4-star review by Ellie Diggins of Normal, Illinois, on Goodreads and NetGalley

“Mars Colony Agatha is a fascinating story about six astronauts who leave to Earth to colonize Mars, knowing they will likely never return. I would love to be on a team like this and be one of the first people on a distant planet. Some great moments in this story force you to keep reading, and it makes you think about what life would be like. Nicole and Sunny are especially strong characters that brought a lot of life into the story. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in stories about colonizing new planets and the dangers of space travel.”

— 4-star review by Ed Malaker of Carbondale, Pennsylania, on Amazon and Goodreads

“Yet another amazing book by Jack!! I’m really not a big sci-fi buff, but Jack really stole me with the very first book of the series and has kept me wanting more with every book that he published in this series. I look forward to reading more of his work and learning more about his genius brain. #teamnikki”

— 5-star review by Natalie Limardo Wilburn of Pocahontas, Arizona, on Amazon and Goodreads

“Oh this book was a fun read. I’ve grown to really enjoy sci-fi and this book did not disappoint. I loved the character Nikki and I thought the beginning was so touching. I felt really involved with the characters in this book and I loved how the author really brought me into that space setting. The character Nikki is so awesome and such a strong character! Some great humor is throughout the book and I can tell the author knew his stuff about the technicalities of what these characters were doing out in space. Great book!”

— 5-star review by Nicole Pyles of Portland, Oregon, on Amazon and Goodreads

“In Mars Colony Agatha: Nikki Red, Jack Chaucer gives the reader a fun, digestible, entertaining story of space exploration and adventure. He’s done his research, and manages to successfully walk the line between technical descriptions of the material and practices used on an interplanetary voyage and making those descriptions understandable. His characters are relatable and the plot engaging enough to keep a reader entertained even if they haven’t kept up with the adventures of Nikki Janicek. I hadn’t read any of his previous novels and was able to follow along just fine. It’s an imaginative take on colonizing Mars … enjoyable from start to finish.”

— 3-star review by Daniel Edwards of Brooklyn, New York, on Amazon and Goodreads

“An excellent read that had me engrossed from the outset. I enjoy science fiction, but what I really appreciated about this novel was that I was never overwhelmed with scientific jargon, concepts and theories that usually go over my head – often a frustration I have with sci-fi. It has a great pace and the dialogue is great. You quickly become invested in the characters and are willing them on to success. Along the way, the story includes enough flashbacks to add a little darkness and extra tension as you uncover the protagonist’s backstory. I thoroughly recommend this book.”

— 5-star review by Mrs. RJ of Kidlington, United Kingdom, on Amazon UK and Goodreads

“With recent news stories about space colonization, authors have filled the shelves with exciting adventures and new civilizations. Jack Chaucer’s series on the colonization of Mars is no exception. His story, however, gives a fresh new look at characters. The novel is exciting enough to grab attention of young adults while providing sound plots and mystery that any age will enjoy.”

— 4-star review by Mark Smith of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Amazon and Goodreads


Here’s the Amazon paperback/Kindle link to MARS COLONY AGATHA: NIKKI RED!!