An Indian reviewer’s crush on stunning Antarctica … Nikki White drops 2 weeks from today!

Nandini, 21, of Bangladore, India, in her insightful Goodreads review of “Nikki White” on March 9, writes: “In terms of setting, Antarctica was literally the coolest choice ever. I fell deeply in love and I just didn’t want any of the characters to leave at all. The auroras, the scientific exploration, learning about the Big Bang — all of it made me want to go there so bad!”

… “Nikki White: Polar Extremes” (Nikki #3) officially drops two weeks from today, but 5 paperbacks are available now at Hickory Stick Bookshop in Washington Depot, Conn.!!!!!


Jack Chaucer book signing at Hickory Stick on April 23rd!

hickorystickAdobe Photoshop PDFchaucerathickoryDec2015I’m happy to announce I’ll be making an appearance at my favorite book store, the Hickory Stick Bookshop in Washington Depot, to sign copies of my latest novel, “Nikki White: Polar Extremes” (Nikki #3), as well as “Streaks of Blue,” “Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble” and “Queens are Wild.” The signing will be on Sunday, April 23, from 2 to 3:30 p.m., followed by a post-party at the White Horse Inn just like last time.

I recently dropped off five “Nikki White” paperbacks at Hickory Stick, so for those who want a resolution to the cliffhanger at the end of “Nikki Blue” and can’t wait until the new book’s official release on March 24, go straight to Hickory Stick and grab a world-exclusive copy for $13.99!

Thanks to owner Fran Keilty and her staff for hosting the signing, and I hope to see all you supporters of indie authors and indie book stores on April 23rd!!!

Here’s a Goodreads link to “Nikki White” that provides a blurb and a bunch of awesome early reviews …

Mystery TV actress’ company interested in Streaks of Blue

Adobe Photoshop PDFJust to update everybody on the bombshell I dropped last week. I learned this evening from my film/TV contact Emily Parker that the party interested in the film/TV rights for “Streaks of Blue” is “a TV actress-fronted production company.” No word on who the actress or company might be, but intriguing nonetheless. The company has my info but so far has not reached out to contact me about an option. The suspense is killing me; fitting justice for an author who has been known to drive his/her readers nuts with certain cliffhangers.

Very first review for “Nikki White: Polar Extremes” … 5 stars

nikki-white-paperback-d2“It was fabulous. Another great work from Chaucer. This series is always in my top ten. My favorite part was the way the story started out in the first few pages. It really caught my attention and I read all of it happily after I was hooked by the writing in the beginning of the book. It was a truly magnificent work.”

— Christina Jackson, Goodreads reviewer from Shawneetown, Illinois

Sharks, 300-degree temperature swings and 180-degree story arcs, oh my

Here’s my first stab at a book blurb for my novel, “Nikki White: Polar Extremes,” the third book in the Nikki series …

By Jack Chaucer
Coming in 2017

When Nikki Janicek sprints from the 200-degree sauna out into the 100-below darkness wearing nothing but bunny boots, at least she’s not alone.
She already has survived months of solitary confinement, a forced swim with sharks and a scary journey to the South Pole. Now she’s a member of The 300 Club, an exclusive group of people on the planet who have endured a 300-degree temperature swing in a matter of seconds.
It’s all part of her training for a six-person, one-way mission to Mars.
Nikki wants to go, but not with The Bridge — a space-obsessed company that abducts, controls and violates people.
She wants to take a stand.
She wants to free her father, her former lover and herself.
And she’ll attempt it with the help of the young man who shot her seven years ago.
It’s a previously inconceivable alliance, bonded by polar extremes.

“Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble” scene locations

Having a little fun with this …

1. Waterbury, Connecticut

2. Mount Chocorua, New Hampshire
mount chocorua

3. Nikki Beach nightclub in Miami

4. Clevelander Hotel in Miami

5. Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

6. Great Karoo, South Africa

7. Cape Point, South Africa

8. Cape of Good Hope sign, South Africa
Cape of Good Hope Sign

9. New Hampshire State Prison for Men
new hampshire state prison for men

10. All branch centers of The Bridge are designed like an earthbound knockoff of the S.S. Enterprise from “Star Trek”
starship enterprise

11. Clearwater, Florida with the Church of Scientology headquarters in the foreground

12. Morris, Connecticut

“Source of Trouble” book blurb, Take 2

sourceoftroubleIt’s never easy condensing a novel into a blurb; 87,000-plus words into a hundred or so. Here’s my latest attempt for “Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble,” the sequel to “Streaks of Blue.”

Nicole Janicek has survived being shot, but can she overcome the blues of her early 20s?
Nearly four years after foiling a shooting plot at her high school and saving countless lives, Nikki begins a short-lived internship as a newspaper reporter; gets hired as a flak by an organization whose leadership consists of people labeled troublemakers by the Church of Scientology; confronts the source of her nightmares, Thomas Lee Harvey; puts her long-term relationship with Derek Schobell to the test; learns a disturbing secret from her friend, Adam Upton, and considers a high-risk offer to leave the planet forever.
Can this former teenage hero and trailblazer rescue herself from the consequences of her own decisions? Or does every path in front of her lead to trouble?