Nikki watches VR movie ‘dear Moon’ with crew to get psyched up for Mars liftoff

Another full chapter excerpt from MARS COLONY AGATHA: NIKKI RED by Jack Chaucer, which drops Nov. 1:

September 11, 2022 — Launch-Minus-11 Day
Kennedy Space Center, Florida

They entered the crew lounge together, but Nikki felt all eyes on her, not Elon. What a strange new world she had crossed into, and she hadn’t even left Earth yet.

“Hey Martians, here’s your sixth crew member, Nicole Janicek,” Musk said casually with a playful bow and a sort of game-show-host hand gesture that made Nikki blanch.

“Nikki is fine,” she managed to say, her own frozen attempt to keep it casual.

“Indeed you are,” a tough-looking, short-haired woman quipped unabashedly as she was the first to shake Nikki’s hand. “Jo Giguere. Welcome aboard. Are you ready for Round 2?”

Nikki nodded at the shorter woman, who seemed like she’d hold her own in a boxing ring.

“I am … more than ready to actually escape Earth’s atmosphere this time.”

“We will,” the pilot said, her confidence reassuring to Nikki. “This is Commander Xander,” she added, hooking her thumb at the next crew mate in line to greet her. He stood a foot taller than Jo and rocked a black SpaceX T-shirt while the others wore white.

“Welcome aboard,” Xander Vermilyea declared, shaking her hand firmly. “We’ll get you up to speed on the mission straightaway,” he added in a South African accent that reminded Nikki of her old Bridge nemesis, Dr. Peter van Wooten.

“Thanks … I can’t wait get started,” Nikki said while noting Xander’s hair was even shorter than Jo’s. She felt utterly out of place with her long, wild and red-streaked look. “Should I cut this?” she asked.

“What?” Jo gasped.

“Well I’m looking around at all of you with short hair …”

“Or no hair,” a strapping, bald black man interjected with a hearty laugh, which rippled through the rest of the crew. He bypassed the hand shake and went straight for a bear hug. Nikki rolled with it and smiled. “I’m Ulysses, but everyone calls me Pluto because they can’t handle my size and they don’t know how to classify me.”

“Nice to meet you, Pluto,” Nikki said, trying to loosen up a little. “Or should I call you Jupiter instead?”

“Oooh, I like that,” he replied. “I love her already, Commander X,” he added, putting his arm around Xander, who nodded but clearly wasn’t that comfortable with Pluto’s touchy-feely approach.

An Italian-looking man, his dark hair graying above the ears, and a tall Asian woman flanked Nikki next. Edward Etergino and Susan Wilkes both shook her hand and welcomed her to the crew.

“Call me Sunny,” Susan said with a radiant smile. “How are you feeling after what happened the other day?”

“Better than I expected, especially after getting the call from Elon,” she replied, nodding toward a suddenly aloof Musk, who was snacking on potato chips out of a bowl on one of the long, rectangular tables. His mind seemed to be elsewhere.

“Well, he is full of surprises,” Eddy said, his voice loud and friendly.

“Hopefully you don’t all hate me for taking someone else’s spot,” Nikki said with a cringe.

“How can we? We know it’s all Elon’s fault,” Eddy bellowed at Musk, but in a jovial tone.

“You guys get all the glory and I get all the blame … I know how it works,” Elon chimed in, not even knowing what the topic was from half a lounge away.

But that did seem to stir him from being deep in thought because then he came over, stood next to Nikki and put his hand up to quiet the room.

“I just want to say a few words before you eat and then I have a special world premiere film for you to watch after dinner,” Elon said.

“Oooh,” Pluto responded as the others clapped.

“Any hints?” Jo asked.

“It’s not a ‘Rocky’ movie,” Musk waved her off with a grin.

“I like MMA, not that prehistoric fake boxing shit,” she shot back.

Everyone laughed. Nikki was so relieved that the crew seemed so loose and fun. If they were rocketing to their deaths, at least they’d be cracking some jokes along the way.

“Seriously, there will be no more crew changes,” Elon continued. “This is the group that will make history next June and land on Mars. I’m tripping balls just thinking about it and I’m not even going, so I can only imagine the adrenaline you guys are running on right now. Just remember … it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

“Wait, we’re only going 26.2 miles?!” Pluto asked with a look of feigned horror. “I want a refund!”

“Metaphors are lost on these creatures,” Elon told Nikki as the kitchen crew entered and began setting up a buffet on one of the long tables. “I can’t compete with food,” he added to the whole group. “As I told Nikki earlier, chow down on the real Earth food while you can get it, and I’ll be back later to introduce the special film.”

“I bet it’s soft porn,” Jo blurted out to laughter.

Elon’s grin couldn’t get any wider, but he just shook his head and exited the lounge.

The six astronauts soon were helping themselves to a Sunday buffet of roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and buttered rolls. They all sat together at one table and Nikki fielded questions in between bites.

“How rough did the ejection go?” Xander asked.

“Pretty violent,” she replied. “The side-to-side jolts at first made me feel like my rib cage was going to crack, and I just figured this is it — the rocket’s going to break apart any second. I was totally in shock while we were coming down and it got more gentle, and I realized all that training and anticipation were for nothing.”

“Until now,” Pluto said, finally looking up from his plate.

“Where did you train?” Sunny asked from directly across the table.

“South Pole Station, McMurdo Dry Valleys and The Bridge has a launch complex in South Africa. Then I had my Red One training in the Netherlands and Norway.”

“What was your favorite?” Jo asked.

“Hmm … probably South Pole Station.”

“Really?” Eddy piped up.

“Yeah, that place just changes your life … complete darkness … it’s like you’re already traveling through the stars there … then the slow-motion sunrise over weeks,” Nikki said wistfully. “You never see Earth the same way again. You already feel so detached from what everyone considers normal.”

“A good preview of what’s to come for us,” Eddy nodded. “I’ve done a couple of spacewalks on the ISS and that detached feeling is quite the high …”

“Why didn’t you just slash your umbilical tether, Eddy?” Xander ribbed him with a grin.

“Yeah, but NASA would’ve fired me for that,” he deadpanned.

Everyone cracked up.

“Are all of you single?” Nikki asked with a smirk.

“Oooh,” Pluto jumped in his chair. “Skip right to the good stuff, girl.”

Nikki fought through her blush. “I’m asking more out of curiosity because we’re leaving people behind.”

“Oh,” Sunny nodded.

“Elon wouldn’t let us come into this mission with a significant other,” Jo said with no hint of a joke. “That was part of the deal. He wanted us totally focused, with no chance of regrets or backing out because we might never come back home to that special someone.”

“Seriously?” Nikki asked.

“It’s true,” Xander confirmed.

“Did he ask you if you were with someone?” Jo asked.


“That’s bullshit,” Pluto declared, throwing down his napkin in exaggerated disgust.

“I guess he just assumed I was single and he’s right,” Nikki said. “I was already supposed to be on my way to Mars right now anyway.”

“How old, or should I say, how young are you?” Jo asked.


“Wow, I’m no longer the baby of the group,” Sunny replied.

Nikki guessed her new comrades were in their mid to late 30s or 40s. Sunny seemed next youngest, likely in her early 30s.

Elon then popped back into the lounge.

“Hey, it’s time to fire up our movie.”

Nikki’s crew mates clapped.

“This is an exclusive premiere of a film that will be seen by the rest of this world in December, when you’re all well on your way to Mars,” Elon said as his assistant, Jane, passed out virtual reality headsets to each of the astronauts.

“VR, cool,” Jo said.

“Yes, put them on and go grab a comfortable seat,” Elon instructed.

They all headed for nearby sofas and recliners.

“Do we need to be far apart so we don’t punch anybody?” Jo asked.

“It’s not that kind of film,” Elon replied with a grin.

“Too bad,” the pilot lamented.

“This movie will whet your appetite for our Mars mission,” Elon predicted. “It was made by one of the artists, an American film director, who traveled on our six-day trip around the Moon in March as a guest of Japanese billionaire Yusaka Maezawa.”

Nikki and her crew mates cheered.

“He incorporated music by the musician in the group, still photos from the photographer in the group, narration from the writer in the group … you get the idea,” Elon said. “It’s called ‘dear Moon.’ Enjoy.”

The VR headset now firmly in place, Nikki settled into a recliner and prepared for liftoff to the Moon.

The rumbling of the Raptor engines slowly increased, but the screen remained black until a clip from the 1950s comedy “The Honeymooners” flashed in front of her. “To the Moon, Alice!” portly Jackie Gleason shouted with a faux upper cut at his unimpressed, red-haired housewife. It was so unexpectedly inartistic that Nikki and the other astronauts laughed out loud.

Then snippets of President John F. Kennedy and Apollo-era astronauts from the 1960s talking about going to the Moon peppered the VR screen as the rumbling sound intensified.

That was followed by a montage of liftoff images from the Apollo rockets, and finally, a Go Pro-type view of Maezawa and the artists waving while strapped into their launch seats as the SpaceX rocket vibrated toward full thrust.

The deafening roar of the actual liftoff blasted Nikki’s ears, and the camera atop the nose of the ship gazed down at fire and Earth, the former separating from the latter at an exponentially rapid pace.

A series of audio communications between the commander and Kennedy Space Center control chirped intermittently as the rocket cleared the launch pad and raced into the crisp, blue sky. Those radio bursts soon faded and a beautiful piano melody took over, serenading the spaceship and its crew on the ride out of Earth’s atmosphere and toward the blackness of space.

The music continued as the ship jettisoned its reusable first-stage rocket, sending it on a graceful fall back toward the Atlantic Ocean below.

“And so it begins,” a Japanese man’s voice said. “A six-day, 240,000-mile journey to the Moon and back.”

The second-stage engines then revved and erupted, accelerating the spaceship on its burn toward what now filled the screen — a half-lit, half-shadowed, fully cratered lunar masterpiece.

“Dear Moon,” the man’s voice continued. “We are your humble guests. We have felt your pull — from the tides in our oceans, from your radiance in our eyes. We need to see you up close. Show us your beauty. Inspire us to create. Teach us more about who we are and our place in this spectacular frontier we call the universe.”

As the blue-and-white Earth slowly spun smaller, the Moon drew the ship and its now jubilant, free-floating artists ever closer. GoPro cameras captured Maezawa and his friends smiling, laughing, tumbling and dancing in zero gravity on the cruise of their lives. Still-frame close-ups of each of their faces, and then zoomed-in shots of their eyes gazing out the ship’s massive windows, eventually transitioned into what seemed like hundreds of amazing views of Earth, space, the stars and ultimately the Moon.

The luminous lunar surface nearly blinded Nikki until the shadow of its dark side slowly rotated into view. A woman’s voice then sang Cat Stevens’ classic hit, “Moonshadow,” as the ship made its slow, wide turn around the Moon and started the journey back home.

The remainder of the film featured images of the return voyage, the artists aboard ship and the works they created — paintings, poetry, sculptures, clothing, multimedia art — all set to an original score of classical music that pushed Nikki to the brink of tears. She loved the film’s pure, real, understated beauty, and she freed herself to truly believe she was on the verge of experiencing space, too.

When it was over, and the Mars crew had finishing clapping and hugging each other, Elon Musk stood proudly in front of them and gave them one last thing to think about.

“There are no limits to what we can do,” he said. “We are destined to be a multi-planet species. You six will prove that very soon. Complete your final days of training together with the belief that Mars not only is within our reach, but also will be ours to populate, terraform and resuscitate from dead and desolate to alive and kicking.”

The crew clapped and Eddy pointed at Elon.

“A Simple Minds reference, nice,” he said, in reference to the band’s 1985 song, “Alive and Kicking.”

Elon nodded and smiled. “I guess we’re both men of a certain age, Eddy, but truth be told, I’m more of Sinatra “Fly Me to the Moon” guy than an ‘80s music guy.”

“Makes sense. You really are an old soul, boss,” Eddy laughed.

“Regardless of musical taste, I won’t be satisfied until I hear a live band jam in a bar on Mars,” Musk said.

“Oh boy … looks like we better start practicing,” Pluto said.

“Who here can sing?” Jo asked the group.

“Not me,” Sunny said with a chuckle.

“Nikki’s definitely got the right hair to lead the band,” Elon noted with a grin.

She shook her head. “I’m not much of a singer.”

Pluto put his arm around her like he had known her for years, not a couple of hours. “Don’t worry, Nikki. We’ll sing backup for you.”

“Pluto, you can sing lead,” Eddy said. “I’ve heard you.”

“Only if you pay me like a lead singer then,” he quipped.

“Controversy already,” Elon chimed in.

“We’ll need a name for this band of ours,” Xander pointed out.

“The Nikki Six,” Eddy blurted out, a reference to Motley Crue, another 1980s-era rock band whose bassist is Nikki Sixx. Coincidentally, the guitarist’s name is Mick Mars.

“She just joined this crew, Eddy, so let’s not give her top billing just yet,” Xander said, winking at an embarrassed Nikki.

Eddy waved him off and suddenly acted like he came up with another brilliant band name.

“That’s fine,” he said. “I’ve got it, people. How about Red Zeppelin?”

“Good one,” Elon agreed as they all clapped.

“Clever, Eddy. I like it,” Jo said, grinning and slapping him on the back. “And I think we’ll be just far enough away to escape Led Zeppelin’s lawsuit.”

“Elon, can you have your guys slap some red paint on Starship before liftoff?” Eddy asked, chuckling.

“Yeah, a hot fire-engine red,” Jo saucily piled on.

“Absolutely not,” the SpaceX chief replied. “The ship is stainless steel with white interior, the spacesuits are white with black trim … if you want red, you’ve gotta earn it and reach Mars.”


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Nikki’s first face-to-face meeting with Elon Musk

A full chapter tease from Jack Chaucer’s upcoming novel, MARS COLONY AGATHA: NIKKI RED, coming 11-1-19:

September 11, 2022 — Launch-Minus-11 Day
Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Cruising stealthily in a black Musk-designed Tesla sedan from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base toward nearby Kennedy Space Center, Nikki stared out the tinted window at the Atlantic Ocean and recalled her last disastrous visit to Florida in August 2019.

It began with her defying The Bridge leadership’s orders in Fort Lauderdale and nearly ended when she was struck by flying debris as Hurricane Felicia raged in Miami Beach.

But she lived.

And now she was back, and free, and here by her own choice.

She was ready to leave Earth on her own terms; saddened by her parents’ objections, but determined to blast her life so far past the ordinary.

Thirty-eight Raptor engines, quietly waiting on iconic Launch Pad 39A, would propel her beyond her imagination and into a cold, beautiful and deadly reality.

Dozens of Space Shuttle liftoffs had cleared that same pad; two missions had ended in explosions, deaths and parental heartbreaks.

But Nikki truly believed she would survive to see Mars up close.

Her extensive training in Antarctica had steeled her spirit for this all-in mission to deep space, and now Musk’s unexpected lifeline after the Red One splashdown only convinced her further that she was destined to actually land there in 2023 at age 26. Wow.

KSC headquarters rose about 10 stories in the foreground with massive American and NASA flags draped down one side. The boxy building was surrounded by sprawling parking lots dotted with palm trees, but Nikki’s eyes initially were drawn to the sleek, futuristic SpaceX sign on an adjacent rectangular building. The left leg of the X in the logo shot up diagonally and arced away, like the trail of rocket smoke.

Beyond all of that, at the edge of the ocean, the stainless steel Super Heavy Starship gleamed as it aimed toward the bright blue sky. From Nikki’s vantage point more than a mile away, it looked like a child’s toy, and in a way it was. Musk had been experimenting with rockets of all sizes since his aloof engineer father literally left Elon to his own devices during a rough South African childhood split from his mother and siblings. In reality, the full SHS stack stood 387 feet, 82 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty.

This was beyond freedom.

Where this rocket would take her, there would be nothing but red dirt, ice and murderously thin air. No government. No police. No trees or animals. No streets, with or without names. Just a brand new, very old and very empty world, apathetic to the arrival of six human beings, one of whom remained an 11th-hour, L-minus-11 stranger to the other five.

Nikki scrolled through their names on her phone one more time:

1. Commander Xander Vermilyea. Really? Internal rhyme? Nikki still dabbled in poetry, but that name in the email Elon’s assistant sent her sounded more like a Muskian prank.

2. Pilot Jo Guigere. Not Joe. Not Josephine. But female, Nikki presumed. Awesome.

3. Engineer Ulysses Parker. She wondered if his middle name started with an S. like the old Civil War general and president who now graces $50 bills.

4. Dr. Susan Wilkes. Nikki tried to suppress her brain’s urge to stick with the 1800s theme, add “Booth” to her name and charge her as an accomplice in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

5. Specialist Edward Etergino. “E Squared” immediately came to her mind as a possible nickname.

And what would they think of Specialist Nicole Janicek, the late and unexpected wildcard crew member with the red streaks in her hair?

If I can find a way to get along with the person who shot me for six months at South Pole Station, I’ll find a way to get along with these people, Nikki vowed.

But first, she was scheduled to meet face to face with the visionary who designed the car she was riding in and the spaceship that would drive her to Mars.


Jane Rushmore, blonde and personable, ushered Nikki into an eighth-floor suite where Elon Musk, hipster-techno-casual in a black short-sleeved shirt and jeans, quickly looked up from his phone and grinned. The SHS pierced the blue horizon in the massive window behind him.

Still star struck, Nikki hesitated for half a beat before crossing the surprisingly drab, outdated carpet to shake his hand in the large, rectangular room.

“Welcome, Nikki. How was your flight?” he asked, guiding her toward a pair of recliners. “Come relax. Can I get you anything?”

“Good, no, I’m fine,” she replied as they both sat down across from one another.

“Most people I know try to avoid flying on September 11th out of, you know, extremely warranted superstition, but we’re L-minus-11, so …”

“It was no problem,” Nikki said, struggling to form more than simple sentences in this surreal moment.

“How old were you in 2001?” he asked, still grinning.

“Four,” she said, finally allowing herself to exhale.

He nodded as if he already knew that. “Back then I was one year away from launching SpaceX in a California office about the size of this room and look how far we’ve come. I’m still renting space … this time from NASA.”

“But now you’ve got a rocket on that launch pad right there ready to take six people to Mars,” Nikki pointed out while gesturing toward the window.

“Can you believe you’re one of them?”

“No … this all seems like a dream.”

“I’m glad you said dream and not a nightmare.”

“Oh, I’m scared,” she admitted.

“So am I. Perfectly normal. This is gonna be big … truly the start of something monumental in human history. Deep space travel and establishing a human base on Mars.”

“What do you see as my role in this mission … other than trying not to die?” Nikki asked, smiling as she realized she just echoed Thomas’ parting words to her.

Elon fed off her smile and practically bounced in his chair as he talked, with his hands in constant motion.

“I really see you as the link, the communications link between Starship and Earth on the burn to Mars, and then between Colony A and Earth from Sol 1 on,” Musk said, referring in space jargon to the crew’s first day on the Red Planet. “You’re considerably younger, more charismatic and less of a technical person than the rest of the crew, so I really see you as the person to help tell the story of this mission, human to human.”

“Wow,” Nikki beamed.

“It’s an important role … getting on camera, wearing GoPros, shooting videos and sending video emails — v-mails — to interact with especially young people and children in classrooms on Earth,” he continued. “Think of yourself as the first travel guide on Mars, encouraging the next generation to want to help set up a city there some day. Because this mission will be far more effective and inspiring if we maintain that human connection with Earth every mile and every step of the way.”

“What can I say? I’m humbled and amazed to do that,” Nikki said.

“Fantastic. Now when I say interact, as you know, there’s about a 20-minute delay in communications between Mars and Earth, so the videos will be more like a one-way video letter, if you will, and then you’ll receive the reply from Earth.”

“Of course.”

“The less glamorous role for you would be to get extremely involved in keeping the common areas and cabins clean aboard ship and in the Martian hab environment …”

“Housekeeping?” Nikki asked with a smirk.

“Your word, not mine,” he replied with a laugh. “But essential either way.”

She nodded, biting her tongue and smiling. “Anything else?”

“Oh, there’ll be many other tasks, I’m sure, but one very real thing to keep in mind is you are the most expendable crew member. I know. I’m shamelessly blunt. But that’s a fact.”

Nikki picked up her jaw, tilted her head and understood.

“I know. I totally get that.”

“It just means that when there are dangerous situations or choices or truck runs to be made, you should be the first to raise your hand.”

Nikki’s eyes met Elon’s and didn’t blink.

“I will do that.”

“Good. Even if any of the other five tries to be the hero and insist, you remind them what I’ve told you here today. This mission is all about sacrifice. It has no chance of succeeding without it.”

“I’m so ready,” Nikki told herself and the leader of SpaceX. “You have no idea how awful it felt to come crashing down and lose that opportunity.”

“On the contrary, I know exactly how it feels. I’ve seen my share of exploding rockets. And that’s why I reached out to you … someone who would appreciate this second chance like no one else.”

Nikki took a deep breath and grinned. “I do appreciate it and I thank you for tracking me down. I’m truly blown away by all of this.”

“You’re welcome,” Elon said, standing up and offering her a hug. “And officially, welcome to the mission.”

Nikki accepted his embrace and smiled.

“Thank you. What’s next?” she asked.

“Dinner with your commander and crew. You better enjoy real Earth food while you can get it. And after that, I have a little surprise movie for all of you. It should be an inspirational and bonding experience.”

First review of MARS COLONY AGATHA … 5 stars from a woman in Kidlington, UK

The first review of my new novel, MARS COLONY AGATHA: NIKKI RED, is a 5-star review on Goodreads from “Mrs Rj” of Kidlington, United Kingdom!!!!! Here it is:

“An excellent read that had me engrossed from the outset. I enjoy science fiction but what I really appreciated about this novel was that I was never overwhelmed with scientific jargon, concepts and theories that usually go over my head – often a frustration I have with sci-fi.

The novel follows the story of Nikki, an American astronaut whose chief aim in life is to become amongst ‘the first humans to blast off for Mars or die trying.’ It has a great pace and the dialogue is great. You quickly become invested in the characters and are willing them on to success. Along the way, the story includes enough flashbacks to add a little darkness and extra tension as you uncover the protagonist’s backstory.

I thoroughly recommend this book.”

Here’s the link to the review

‘I saw your liftoff fail on YouTube. That was (expletive) sick.’ … Adam Upton is back for MARS COLONY AGATHA: NIKKI RED

I’ll be posting occasional excerpts from my upcoming novel, MARS COLONY AGATHA: NIKKI RED, leading up to the Nov. 1 release. Here’s part of a scene featuring the return of Adam Upton and Thomas Harvey, both of whom played major roles in the first three books in the series and still have some key scenes in the new one despite most of the action taking place beyond Earth orbit …

Sept. 15, 2022
Middlebrook, New Hampshire

Adam Upton was easy to spot walking out of Dunkin’ Donuts — a stocky young man in shorts, ice coffee in hand, with a prosthetic left foot putting a hitch in his gait.

Thomas surprised him before Adam opened his car door.

“Hey Upton,” he said, offering his hand.

“Holy shit! Lee?!” Adam shouted, using an old, loaded nickname to warmly greet his former friend, former shooting-plot accomplice, former enemy and former fellow South Pole winter-over experiment of The Bridge.

They shook hands and even half-hugged before Thomas eyed his bionic foot.

“How is it?” he asked Adam, who also lost two toes on his right foot to frostbite after getting stranded in a snowcat mishap near South Pole Station in August 2020.

“I’m sorta used to that one now,” he replied. “It’s still weird driving with three toes on the right foot. I always feel like I’m slamming on the brakes to make the damn thing stop.”

Thomas shook his head.

“You came back here?” Adam asked.

Thomas shrugged.

“I saw your liftoff fail on YouTube,” Adam said, taking a slug of coffee. “That was fucking sick.”

“It sucked hard … fucking tanked that thing in the North Sea.”

“Did you and Nikki get tossed around with that ejection … like rolling around on top of each other and shit?” asked Adam, bug-eyed with enthusiasm conversing with his old classmate from nearby Lakeview Regional High School.

“Yeah, we fucked each other in front of four foreign-speaking astronauts while we crashed down, dumbass,” Thomas deadpanned, cracking up Adam so much he nearly fumbled his coffee.

… to be continued



Amazing job as usual by Damon Freeman and his crew down in New Zealand of capturing my concept for the cover of this novel, just as they’ve done for the first three books in my Nikki Janicek series, which has traveled from Lakes of the Clouds Hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire all the way to deep space, and many interesting places in between.

The release date for the Amazon paperback and e-book of MARS COLONY AGATHA: NIKKI RED has been bumped up to November 1st! Here’s the blurb:

Nicole Janicek already has stared down a high school shooter, a cult of criminal ex-Scientologists and six months of frigid darkness at South Pole Station in her young life, but now she risks it all attempting to ride a rocket to Mars in 2022. After the Red One mission quickly aborts in the skies over the North Sea, Nikki gets a surprise phone call from Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX. What follows is a euphoric, historic, tragic and heroic mission to establish Mars Colony A, dubbed by some in the media as “Mars Colony Agatha” when misfortune strikes. While doubters predict the perilous mission will morph into “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie, Nikki and her crew are determined to write their own story. Through it all, Nikki is surprised to learn how strong her connection to those she loved on Earth remains despite the chasm of time and space.

Elon Musk stars in MARS COLONY AGATHA …

“I’m sure there are some people out there just rooting for our epic failure, rooting for the headline to say, ‘And Then There Were None’ … but I’m betting on my crew to outlive every one of them. Soon Mars will be full of human life, and no clever little media cowards will be part of that.” — SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, starring in the upcoming novel, MARS COLONY AGATHA: NIKKI RED by Jack Chaucer

Writing and editing complete. 50,995 words
Next: Formatting and conjuring a cover with Damonza of South Africa
Publication date: 1-1-20