Mystery TV actress’ company interested in Streaks of Blue

Adobe Photoshop PDFJust to update everybody on the bombshell I dropped last week. I learned this evening from my film/TV contact Emily Parker that the party interested in the film/TV rights for “Streaks of Blue” is “a TV actress-fronted production company.” No word on who the actress or company might be, but intriguing nonetheless. The company has my info but so far has not reached out to contact me about an option. The suspense is killing me; fitting justice for an author who has been known to drive his/her readers nuts with certain cliffhangers.


Second draft complete for Nikki White: Polar Extremes

mybooksathickoryThe third book in my YA/NA/Sci-fi series, which follows the adventures of Nikki Janicek, is another major step closer to release now that I’ve completed the second draft and major revisions. I should be able to wrap up final tweaks and edits by sometime this fall, and I’m already looking forward to seeing what Damon Za of South Africa will pull off for a cover for this one.

I’ll shoot for a cover reveal before the end of the year and plan to have ARCs ready on NetGalley by early 2017. I’ll likely publish it in paperback and e-book some time in the first half of next year.

“Nikki White: Frozen Upside Down” had been my working title for this project, but “Polar Extremes” is shorter and works better on multiple levels. I think it’ll make life easier for Damon as well.

“Nikki White: Polar Extremes” resolves the cliffhanger ending from “Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble” and sends Nikki off on a new adventure, which primarily is set in Antarctica and South Africa.

I’ll be teasing blurbs and excerpts later on, but I just wanted to update my fans and followers that the book is coming along well.

At 46,400 words or so, it’s much shorter than “Nikki Blue” and slightly shorter than “Streaks of Blue.” There are four parts and 50 chapters, but the story moves along at a crisp pace. Though the first chapter begins on New Year’s Day, 2020, the book’s full time span is between August 2019 and September 2022, so there are some leaps.

“Nikki White” is less dark than the first two books and even provides one of the worst characters in the series a chance to change and grow. The third book circles back well with “Streaks of Blue” and provides some closure to the series, but it also leaves the door open for a fourth book. If I do write that book, it will be called “Nikki Red,” but I plan to do something different with my next project before resuming this series. I think three books are enough on these characters for now, and I’d like to experiment with a different type of story or genre next time around.

I’ll provide a full chapter listing later, but for now here are some of my favorites for teasers: Dyer Situation, Root Beer Lolly, Men’s Room Fight Club, Filling the Crevasse, 10-Below Barbershop, Siberia on Steroids, Summer Wind, Race for the Hollywood Showers, $19 Million Burnt Rug, Mars Isn’t Enough?, South by South Pole, The 300 Club, Sugar Snow, Here Comes the Sun and Red Confetti.

And last but not least, the best new character in the series:
Sam “Snowbow” Archambeau, a snowcat driver, handyman and bartender who just can’t get enough of wintering over at South Pole Station.

Rock novella becoming an international hit

freewaycoverWhat a month of April for “Freeway and the Vin Numbers”! According to Smashwords, it got dozens of Apple downloads in the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia!
Six years after I wrote it and six months after I released it worldwide, it’s great to see Freeway, Vin, Friday and the rest of the band kicking ass in all of these countries!

Original song ‘My Paul’ from my free novella ‘Freeway and the Vin Numbers’

freewaycover“You robbed from Peter
So I could play my Paul
The sound is sweeter
And stands 90 feet tall

Cool-hand Luke’s
No hot-hand Duke
My loyal brother
Is like no other

Saints and sinners
Paints and thinners
Got me a fresh new look
With something you took

You got me some more
So I could do it with Les
The fuzz ain’t got no clue
’Bout the magic between me and you

You robbed from Peter
So I could play my Paul
The sound is sweeter
And stands 90 feet tall”

Excerpt From: Jack Chaucer. “Freeway and the Vin Numbers.” iBooks.

Freeway and the Vin Numbers re-released with new cover

freewaycoverI orginally wrote this rock ‘n’ roll novella back in 2010. Now it has a real cover and it’s available to the world, fittingly, for free.
Also fittingly, it comes out just a few days before Jimi Hendrix’s 73rd birthday. His music was the muse for this story.

Here’s the blurb:
In this novella originally written in 2010, a mobster’s son named Vincent Masoli and a talented guitarist from the projects nicknamed Freeway form a band that channels the late great Jimi Hendrix and wows pop-weary fans. Dozens of original song lyrics.

Smashwords link for free download:

Goodreads link:

Nikki Blue paperback now on sale at Hickory Stick Bookshop in Washington, Conn.

NikkiBluehickorystickHickory Stick Bookshop in Washington now has Jack Chaucer’s “Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble” on its shelves, along with “Streaks of Blue” and “Queens are Wild.” You also get a $11.99 brick-and-mortar discount price vs. $13.99 on Amazon just for supporting local independent bookstores!

Release day for Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble!

Adobe Photoshop PDFThe second book in Jack Chaucer’s four-book series is now available all over cyberspace (380 pages, $13.99 paperback, $2.99 e-book). The third book, “Nikki White: Frozen Upside Down,” is expected to be released in late 2016 or early 2017.

Here’s what book blogger Julie Oakley of Hobart, Australia, had to say after reading “Nikki Blue,” the sequel to “Streaks of Blue”

“Wow, this novel is on a completely different path from the first in the series, but luckliy it works. Our protagonist “Nikki” has grown so much through this novel and we get to grow with her, as does the plot. The plot is very ‘now’, it targets some interesting topics that society today is faced with and in my opinion, shows them for exactly what they are! I love the direction this novel has taken, it is engaging and keeps the reader on their toes!

The writing as always is incredible, it draws you in from the very first page and keeps you interested throughout the novel. It is original, controversial, confronting and honest. If I had to pick a fault with this novel, it is that it ended too soon and too suddenly, however it has left me keen for the next book!

An amazing, fast-paced read, definitely one of my favourites this year!”

Here are some of the links to buy Nikki Blue:

Amazon paperback and Kindle e-book:


Barnes and Noble

Indigo/Kobo (Canada)

Book Blurb for “Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble”

Nicole Janicek has survived being shot, but can she overcome the blues of her early 20s?
Nearly four years after foiling a shooting plot at her high school and saving countless lives, Nikki begins a short-lived internship as a newspaper reporter; gets hired as a flak by an organization whose leadership consists of people labeled troublemakers by the Church of Scientology; confronts the source of her nightmares, Thomas Lee Harvey; puts her long-term relationship with Derek Schobell to the test; learns a disturbing secret from her friend, Adam Upton, and considers a high-risk offer to leave the planet forever.
Can this former teenage hero and trailblazer rescue herself from the consequences of her own decisions? Or does every path in front of her lead to trouble?