In the early stages of a possible sequel to “Streaks of Blue”

sourceoftroubleI’ve begun crafting the first few chapters of a possible sequel to “Streaks of Blue.” So far this one is being told in the first person by Nicole Janicek, the MC of “Streaks of Blue.” It is set in 2018, nearly four years after she survived being shot by Thomas “Lee” Harvey. Nikki is 21 now and an aspiring journalist. She is just beginning her summer internship at a certain newspaper in Waterbury, Connecticut. Her very first assignment is to cover a seemingly routine church groundbreaking, but the group putting up the building is not exactly a church — more like one tentacle of a new, shadowy organization called The Bridge, whose membership includes some who were labeled Potential Trouble Sources by the late author/madman L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology. This one could get a little crazy. Speaking of crazy, the first chapter features an online conversation between Nikki and Thomas “Lee” Harvey, who is serving up to 25 years at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men.

A couple of possible titles for this one include “Source of Trouble” and “Scar Trek.”

We’ll see where it takes us …

Pictured above is one of Damon Za’s alternate covers for “Streaks of Blue.” Who knows. It might work for “Source of Trouble.” I don’t think it would work for “Scar Trek.”