Sharks, 300-degree temperature swings and 180-degree story arcs, oh my

Here’s my first stab at a book blurb for my novel, “Nikki White: Polar Extremes,” the third book in the Nikki series …

By Jack Chaucer
Coming in 2017

When Nikki Janicek sprints from the 200-degree sauna out into the 100-below darkness wearing nothing but bunny boots, at least she’s not alone.
She already has survived months of solitary confinement, a forced swim with sharks and a scary journey to the South Pole. Now she’s a member of The 300 Club, an exclusive group of people on the planet who have endured a 300-degree temperature swing in a matter of seconds.
It’s all part of her training for a six-person, one-way mission to Mars.
Nikki wants to go, but not with The Bridge — a space-obsessed company that abducts, controls and violates people.
She wants to take a stand.
She wants to free her father, her former lover and herself.
And she’ll attempt it with the help of the young man who shot her seven years ago.
It’s a previously inconceivable alliance, bonded by polar extremes.